Jealous God

During Sunday School yesterday a side topic of the difference of “Jealousy and Envy” came up. Though we didn’t talk much about the difference, we mostly talked about dealing with jealous feelings, I did a quick Internet search on what the difference was. While doing the search I remember reading that God was a jealous God. That bothered me when I read it in years past because I thought it is not good to be jealous. I didn’t find a good answer for it at the time but did better understand it after I read the meaning of Jealousy in one of the search results.

The sentence I read was, “Jealousy occurs when something we already possess (usually a special relationship) is threatened by a third person.” (

I didn’t read the whole page because that alone helped me understand the meaning of a Jealous God. God has a special relationship with us and when something threatens that relationship he is jealous. As we discussed during Sunday School, when we have our own feelings of jealousy or envy, we must understand where those feelings are coming from. Are those feelings healthy, and if they are then what must we do to maintain or obtain the relationship (or item, or blessing) we desire?

Author: Jonathan

Born and raised in Utah as a "Mormon." Married to Val, and the father of two beautiful daughters. Spent two years in the Philippines on a mission and a few years near Boise Idaho for work. Now residing in the beautify Heber Valley.

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