Pet Rabbit

My family has loved our pet rabbit, George. (I used to be able to say pet rabbits but we are down to one for the moment.) With some family members being allergic to animals George has been the perfect outside pet, which we allow inside occasionally. George is a Himalayan. They are known to be very docile and kid friendly. He digs some, but isn’t able to make the same tunnels and doesn’t have the same digging capacity as some of our former pet rabbits did. We love seeing him outside eating grass and trying to dig through weed barrier. George isn’t perfect but has made our family happier just by being around. (Isn’t that how every family member should be?)

Author: Jonathan

Born and raised in Utah as a "Mormon." Married to Val, and the father of two beautiful daughters. Spent two years in the Philippines on a mission and a few years near Boise Idaho for work. Now residing in the beautify Heber Valley.

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